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My take on comfort + savings for long haul flights!

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Hey guys! I just newly joined the community and I'm looking forward to hear on everyone's tips and experiences. I have been itching to travel again but unfortunately the pandemic has just been brutal to us all.Β 

Anyhow, something I do when I'm set to do a long haul flight but want to save on money is I ask the front desk for any rows that are available and I take that whole row (which is usually three seats). I do this option if there are no free upgrades or bids available to business or first class. It will save you a few hundreds and I still find it comfortable to sleep in!Β Β 

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i agree. Excited to travel too! Still hesitant about traveling out of the country bc i want to know ill be able to come back in lol I like the idea of having an empty row to myself πŸ™‚Β 

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@rachel LOL yes that was my experience flying back to nyc 🤣 let’s just say I slept comfortably

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Yea COVID-19 affected a lot of my travel plans in 2020Β 😪 😪 but I’m planning on travel a lot this summer since covid19 is getting better and better each day.


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