Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay for Services?

For our Real-Time Reservations or “Do It Yourself’ bookings, You enter your credit card details at time of payment. All major credit cards are accepted. Payment can be made to Savieno via credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer. For any payment by credit card be they for automated or assisted bookings, airline tickets and other documentation will not be issued until authorisation has been obtained from the relevant credit card company.

Is My Personal Information Safe?
BookingZine ensures your credit card information is transmitted over secure lines and is not stored by BookingZine. BookingZine uses a mechanism widely used by the e-commerce communities to transfer sensitive data over the Internet called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a protocol that provides communications privacy, authentication and message integrity and prevents eavesdropping, tampering or message forgery by encrypting data.
How Do I Contact
You can contact BookingZine via contact us page.

For customer service and information about your booking, email us at: [email protected]

How Private Is My Information?

Our Privacy Policy ensures your right to privacy. Your confidential information will only be used for purposes of booking finalisation with our travel partners.

When Will My Credit Card Be Debited?

For airline bookings, the debit takes place at time of airline ticket issuance. For car hire, at the time of making car rentals reservations, and for accommodation, at the time of booking. The hotel/Car rental provider may charge your credit card in case of a No Show. 

How Will I Receive My Travel Documents?

The travel documents are usually emailed to the email of the client.

How Do I Receive My Airline E-Tickets?

E-ticketing is part of the new way of managing your travel. Please ensure that you use correct email id when booking with us.

Do I Receive Car And Accommodation Vouchers?

For automated bookings you do not receive any documentation. At the car depot or upon check-in at the hotel, all you need to do is produce your credit card. For assisted bookings you will prepay and as such be provided with documentation.

What Software And Hardware Works Best With This Site?

We recommend that you use the latest version of any browser you may have. We are compatible with all. If you face some error messages. Please do report these errors to us in case you are unable to complete transactions. You can send an email to us at [email protected] .

What Terms & Conditions Apply To Savieno Bookings?

For Terms & Conditions click here.

Can I pay Cash?

NO, we do not accept cash payments.