Hey guys, what are ...
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Hey guys, what are your best travel hacks? Please share

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😫 Just trying to learn/ save when I travel 

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                             Here are a few travel hacks

  • Always try and book your Flights or Hotels at least four or more days from your travel date. You will save a lot of $$$


  • If planning a vacation, you should always book your excursions before you reach your destination because you will end up paying a premium price, locals tend to overcharge tourists.  


  • I know this may seem silly but try to eat something before arriving at the airport, Airport food tends to be overpriced and quality is never good.  


  • Airlines and travel sites can record your visits by installing cookies on your browser, which can cause the prices you’re shown to rise simply because you’ve searched for those flights before. This is to trick you into buying your flights sooner and encourage impulse buying, the cheeky beggars! Avoid it by switching to ‘Private Browsing’ whenever you book flights.


  •  Use Savieno.com to book your flights or hotels, that way you get the best possible deal, 50% or more 

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I think everyone likes to save money especially in these hard times so thanks for the tips. Good looking out! 😝 


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