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Travel Alert: Houston Area Braces for Severe Weather, Tornadoes and Flooding

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Houston, Texas is currently recovering from a severe weather event that occurred on Tuesday. Several tornadoes were reported in the Houston area, with one hitting the Deer Park and Pasadena area, southeast of Houston. The City of Pasadena reported areas of damage, including Beltway 8 at Genoa Red Bluff, Fairmont Parkway at Mickey Gilley Boulevard, and Burke at Crenshaw.

According to the reports, there were no immediate reports of any serious injuries or fatalities caused by the severe weather. However, the storm caused damage to buildings and power lines, leaving thousands without electricity. Deer Park resident Ashley Lucky reported that she was at work when the tornado passed near her home and threw her neighbor's backyard trampoline onto another nearby property. Additionally, the storm caused widespread flooding, with many roads and highways becoming impassable.

The Pasadena Police Department said on Twitter that it had received reports of multiple downed power lines as well as overturned commercial trucks near Beltway 8 and its intersections with Fairmont Parkway and Vista Road. Space City Weather editor Eric Berger said on Town Square with Ernie Manouse that “Tornadoes have winds as strong or stronger than a Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane,” and that "Easily enough wind can develop to lift or roll (vehicles) and damage structures, take roofs off.”

The city of Houston has activated the Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the response to the storm and its aftermath. The city is working with local and state partners to assess the damage, provide assistance to those affected, and ensure the safety of residents. The Texas Department of Transportation has advised motorists to avoid travel unless it is absolutely necessary, and has urged drivers to use caution when on the roads.

Overall, the severe weather conditions have caused significant damage to the Houston area and the recovery process is ongoing. Officials are urging residents to take the necessary precautions to stay safe and to follow the guidance of local authorities.

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