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Frontier Airlines Offers Unlimited Flight Pass for $599

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Frontier Airlines has announced its new unlimited annual flight pass for just $599.

The airline announced the offer, which is titled the GoWild! Pass, on Friday as an introductory price, with plans to later increase to $1,999. While it’s undoubtedly a great sounding price for unlimited flights for a year, it does come with a few catches, per CNN. It’s only available to people over the age of 18 who live in the United States, and there will be a list of blackout periods in every month. It’ll be valid for over 300 days each year.

The pass will activate from May 2, 2023, and travelers with the offer will be able to book flights for a baseline fare of $0.01, plus any applicable taxes, fees, and booking charges. Anything that typically costs extra, such as baggage or assigned seating, will be a separate charge. Domestic flights can only be booked one day before departure, and ten days for international travel. Frontier’s international flight network covers Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Frontier also advises pass-holders against booking flights they might not show up for, because they will be penalized. 

The offer comes as the Department of Transportation issued a $2.2 million penalty against Frontier after the budget airline deceived customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the recently published consent order, the DOT accused the airline of failing to provide refunds to those impacted by flight changes or cancellations on account of pandemic guidelines. 


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