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Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Travel in New Zealand

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The majestic beauty of New Zealand is no secret. From the emerald slopes of The Shire to the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps, it’s a country that captivates the hearts of nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. However, as we explore these awe-inspiring landscapes, it's essential to consider the environmental footprint we're leaving behind. This guide will help you navigate eco-friendly travel in New Zealand, so you can enjoy the best of this beautiful country while preserving it for future generations.

Why Eco-Friendly Travel?

Firstly, let's touch on why eco-friendly travel is so important. Every year, millions of people journey across the globe, and while this travel can bring positive economic impacts, it can also contribute to environmental degradation and strain local resources.

This is where eco-friendly travel comes into play. By making more sustainable choices, we can reduce our environmental impact and contribute positively to the communities we visit. This is particularly significant in a country like New Zealand, known for its pristine natural environments and commitment to conservation.

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Sustainable Transportation in New Zealand

One of the first things to consider when planning eco-friendly travel in New Zealand is transportation. New Zealand offers various sustainable transport options, including extensive public transport networks in major cities like Auckland and Wellington.

If you're exploring more remote areas, consider renting a hybrid or electric vehicle. Companies such as Jucy and Wilderness offer hybrid and fully electric campervans, providing a greener way to embark on that epic New Zealand road trip.

For shorter distances, consider using a bike. Cities like Christchurch have extensive cycling paths, and it's a great way to see the sights while keeping your carbon footprint low.

Eco-Friendly Accommodation in New Zealand

When it comes to eco-friendly accommodation in New Zealand, you're spoilt for choice. Many hotels and lodges across the country are committed to sustainable practices.

The Hapuku Lodge in Kaikoura, for instance, combines luxury and sustainability. Nestled amidst a deer farm and native Kanuka trees, the lodge sources its ingredients from local farmers and its own organic garden. It also employs energy-efficient heating and waste reduction practices.

Similarly, the award-winning Camp Glenorchy, located at the head of Lake Wakatipu, is designed to produce more energy than it consumes. It uses smart heating, lighting, and water systems to minimize its environmental footprint.


New Zealand is an adventure playground, and there's no shortage of eco-adventures to be had. From hiking on well-maintained trails in one of the many national parks to exploring the marine reserves with a responsible tour operator, there are countless ways to enjoy New Zealand's natural beauty sustainably.

Just remember the golden rule of eco-travel: leave no trace. Stick to the marked trails, take your rubbish with you, and respect the wildlife.

Supporting Local

Supporting local is a key part of sustainable travel. This means choosing local guides, shopping at local markets, and eating at restaurants that source local ingredients. By doing so, you're supporting the local economy and reducing your carbon footprint by choosing products that haven't traveled long distances.


With its stunning landscapes and forward-thinking approach to sustainability, New Zealand is a fantastic destination for eco-friendly travel. By making conscious choices about how we travel, we can help preserve these beautiful environments for generations to come.

Remember, sustainable travel isn't about perfection. It's about making better choices, one step at a time. Whether it's choosing an eco-friendly hotel or taking a reusable water bottle, every little bit helps. Happy green traveling!

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Me and my friends booked a trip to New Zealand for their epic bunjy jumping experience in these beautiful landscapes. I’m glad people agree they should be preserved. 

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Hope you guys enjoy your trip!!!

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good info.


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