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Which is the best area to stay in Kefalonia?

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The choice of the best area to stay in Kefalonia depends on your preferences and the type of experience you're looking for. Here are some popular areas to consider:
  1. Argostoli: 🏛️🌊 The capital with a mix of tradition and modernity, lively cafes by the waterfront.

  2. Lixouri: 🌅🏖️ Picturesque surroundings, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere.

  3. Fiskardo: 🏘️🌈 Charming fishing village, colorful buildings, and an upscale atmosphere.

  4. Assos: 🏰🌊 Tranquil village with a Venetian fortress, ideal for a peaceful retreat.

  5. Skala: 🏖️🍹 Famous for its long sandy beach, a resort area with diverse accommodations and nightlife.

  6. Sami: 🌳🕊️ Known for natural beauty, Melissani Cave, and the stunning Antisamos Beach on the eastern side.

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