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Daxton hotel discount code

Unless you live in the Detroit area, chances are you haven't heard of Birmingham. A 30-minute drive north of Motor City, the charming city has a modest population of around 21,000 residents, but it brims with urban perks like world-class shopping, a pedestrian-friendly downtown, and cultural offerings belying its small size.

As it turns out, everything that makes Birmingham so livable also makes it a terrific place to visit. It's no wonder why longtime resident and entrepreneur Mark Mitchell decided to venture into hospitality and open the Daxton Hotel in spring 2021.

Located on Old Woodward Avenue, which is lined with historic businesses like Birmingham 8 (a 1920s movie theater) and Harp's Lingerie (a shop that opened in 1947), the 151-room boutique property embraces a new type of luxury — one that prioritizes forward-thinking design and full-sensory experiences.

It's the diverse 400-piece art collection curated by Saatchi Art that'll first catch your eye. Doubling as a gallery, the lobby displays thought-provoking works, including Adrian Landon's gold-plated "Golden Mechanical Horse," which was commissioned by the hotel and can be set in motion with a tap of a button, as well as splashy, abstract paintings by Mitchell's friend and Australian artist Stephen Rowe. Even the oversized geodesic structure cocooning the hotel's bar is a visual stunner meticulously crafted by Michigan-based master welder Andy Dafski.


The highly curated aesthetic extends to the accommodations, too. The guest rooms and suites are bold and elegant, with all featuring original pieces from artists representing more than 80 countries. Other notable details include recessed beds draped with lush floral scrims by local painter Louise Chen (also known as "Ouizi"), arched doorways, and bookshelves. To make staying here even more unforgettable, each floor has a pantry stocked with complimentary beverages and freshly baked treats.


As with the rest of the hotel, the signature restaurant, Madam, is easy on the eyes, thanks to its neutral palette, Karin Vermeer's dreamy portraits, and soaring ceilings. But it's the menu by chef and native Michigander Rece Hogerheide that really shines. Though the dishes are worldly and sourced with local ingredients, everything is in service of flavor first and foremost, which explains why seemingly humble items like the mushroom dumplings and Michigan whole grain sourdough are so delicious. And because Hogerheide partnered with nonprofits like Food Rescue US and Make Food Not Waste, you can feel even better knowing your meal at Madam helps reduce food waste and food insecurity in the area. 

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It’s a beautiful hotel 🏨 I stay there once and I love it 

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Yes it is, can’t believe this is in Detroit, I always think of Detroit run down and nothing good is there.


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