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Israel! A Mediterranean meccah

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Israel is a gorgeous country with plenty of sights to see for everyone! With sun almost year round, the bottom half of the country is all desert and the top half is all green!
Cities like Eilat located on the very bottom has a long colorful board walk with shopping and food markets during the day and a major club scene at night. Not to mention the Dead Sea! Tourists and citizens alike go there for spa like skin remedies that comes from the natural sea salts. People cover their bodies in mineral filled mud while floating in the water next to their tray of food! Nothing can sink in that bad boy, just make sure you don’t have any cuts lol will burn.

then you have cities in the central part of israel like Tel Aviv! Known for its beaches, cafes and clubs. Don’t forget to stop through the famous Carmel market (spices for days!) TA is definitely a cool vibe you can’t miss. 

another of course is the holiest city in the world for Muslims, Christians and Jews alike, Jerusalem! There is a market place for each one of these religions and you can visit the golden dome and the holy western wall, where people write little notes to god and stick them in this historic wall of the last temple. If at allll possible my favorite tour is the under water tunnels of Jerusalem! You bring water shoes and a flashlight and walk through ancient tunnels that lay underneath the city. It’s insanely fun, cool and a unique experience. 

The city Haifa has the B’hai gardens a humongous and glamorously preserved garden with a stair trail and of course more clubs and beaches.

further north you have Kabbalah enthusiasts and artists show casing their talents in cities like Tzfat. Then you have the water which Jesus walked on in Tiberius.

There is so much more but over all israel is where you go to lay back or explore. Either one will not disappoint! Hope this helped 🙂

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Wow 🇮🇱 seems like a very beautiful place, I would love to visit there one day. Thanks for the amazing information I 


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well thank you for a full itinerary! I won’t have to look elsewhere. Definitely considering israel as my next destination. 

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Allll my friends tell me to visit Israel. Thanks for this dopeee itinerary


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