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A simple travel hack that can help you on your flight

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We all know that annoying feeling,  when you are Trying to stand your phone up but it keep on falling, you have a long flight to go and you want to  Bench watch all your favorite Netflix shows to past the time. 
Here’s a simple travel hack for you.

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 😂 Genius,  why didn’t I think of this 🤦‍♂️ 

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Good travel hacks! 
i download all my shows and movies pre flight. I bring my own snacks to help pass the time and lately sanitizer too obviously.

for packing I roll my clothes or use those air seal vacuum bags. I splurge the travel section at CVS for toiletries bc I hate forgetting those essentials! 
for my suitcase I buy the hard ones bc the fabric suitcases get smooshed and squished with other peoples and I usually have my laptop or electronics in there! Don’t want them breaking. 
These should help 😊 


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