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Experience with backpacking trip through Italy

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Yes, it’s crazy to think of this during the pandemic but we've been postponing it since 2020… We’re both vaccinated and if we’re allowed to travel to Italy we’re sure as h**l going backpacking. Looking for any relevant feedback so we know how to plan it. 

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brian r
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Consider traveling in the countryside. Most backpackers in Italy stick to the cities, but if you’re up to do a little more research, you can try traveling through the Italian countryside. Tuscany is a great choice, and so is Umbria--both are known for beautiful vistas, medieval castles, and excellent food. 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 

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IVE ALWAYS wanted to visit Italy or Frances country side! I’ve heard there’s nothing like it. Cascading views to remember for a life time. 🌼 😍 


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Go South, you’ll love it here! Naples, Amalfi Coast, Bari, the views are breathtaking, with towns hanging from cliffs, friendly locals and amazing food. The insanely beautiful shots you see on Instagram or Pinterest are way better when experienced in person. If you’re going there during the summer pack light clothing, the summers are hot hot!


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