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Alternative to ski in Austria

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So bummed about the current lockdown situation in Austria. We were planning a quick winter getaway and now we have to find other alternatives. Any suggestions?

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We have plane tickets for Austria next week and I am incredibly sad with all these restrictions being announced lately. I can deal with the ffp2 mask but I need to know I will be able to ski otherwise we’ll go the refund route.

brian r
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I found a link providing all the info you need regarding restrictions to Austria :


The best snow sure resort alternatives include Les Deux Alpes in France, Zermatt and Saas-Fee in Switzerland or Cervinia in Italy. The best ski resorts I know. You can fly and drive there. 😊 


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With Tirol and Salzburg being big hotspots for covid and if you take in account the fact that they are thinking of having another lockdown I would either sit tight or book a trip as soon as possible and hope for the best. 


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