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What city surprised you the most?

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Went with a friend who was studying there but I had very low hopes. The energy of the city, the locals, the restaurants and pubs, everything is packed and alive. 

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This link has some cities that are great to visit! and would surprise you 🙂

MY favorite on the list was New Orleans. The people there are so happy and fun and down to earth. There is plenty of culture and history to explore and I even helped out with some hurricane relief. I went with a group of people and we got to make new street signs and houses and fixed up a synagogue. It felt good and we got to celebrate on the town after! The best time to go would be for Mardis Gras!

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Banff did it for me. I know, this is odd, but from what I’ve read I got the feeling it could be touristy but this wasn’t the case. 

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Ghent in Belgium which was a surprise from my fiance. We’ve been planning to visit Belgium for some time but we couldn’t decide on a town. Well, this more than did it for me. The view, the food - their fries and chocolate are to die for - and the old town, can’t wait to get back. 


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