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What city surprised you the most?

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Went with a friend who was studying there but I had very low hopes. The energy of the city, the locals, the restaurants and pubs, everything is packed and alive. 

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This link has some cities that are great to visit! and would surprise you 🙂

MY favorite on the list was New Orleans. The people there are so happy and fun and down to earth. There is plenty of culture and history to explore and I even helped out with some hurricane relief. I went with a group of people and we got to make new street signs and houses and fixed up a synagogue. It felt good and we got to celebrate on the town after! The best time to go would be for Mardis Gras!

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Banff did it for me. I know, this is odd, but from what I’ve read I got the feeling it could be touristy but this wasn’t the case. 

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Ghent in Belgium which was a surprise from my fiance. We’ve been planning to visit Belgium for some time but we couldn’t decide on a town. Well, this more than did it for me. The view, the food - their fries and chocolate are to die for - and the old town, can’t wait to get back. 

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Every adventurous person would be looking t the weather right now and thinking about making time for that much-awaited trip that they have been planning forever. Work and school can sometimes bore you out of your mind and you need an outlet to not just preserve your mental health but also ensure you give your body a chance to relax. There is nothing like going up to the mountains and enjoying a good time with yourself and friends and inhaling that deep breath of fresh air that finally relieves you of exhaustion.

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