No Ryanair for me
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No Ryanair for me

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I had two tickets for Ryanair to visit some friends in Glasgow but something came up so my husband couldn't come. Imagine my surprise when I tried canceling his ticket only to find out that their admin fee is bigger than the tax refund I was entitled to. Thanks but no thanks!

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brian r
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I hate when that happens! 

I am always fearful of those fees. When I was in Israel I had a ticket to fly home to America but I wanted to change the date. I tried, expecting a fee but it was free! so i kept changing my date 🤣 I couldnt make up my mind on which day and luckily I was able to choose freely...literally.

And it was also close to the flight date so I was surprised.

So definitely CHECK CANCELATION OR CHANGE FEES if there are when booking a flight and maybe check other airlines to see their different policies.

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Yep, this one of their cons, they’re well-known about their strict baggage policy. I would also add their hidden fees that are marked as necessary so be extra sure when booking with them.


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