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First time flying solo

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I’ve never traveled without my boyfriend so I have a million scenarios of what could possibly go wrong. 

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brian r
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Dont worry! I was nervous to travel alone for the first time (was cross country) but it wasnt so bad! I tried to trust my instinct and keep to myself mostly. I always double check I havent left my wallet or bags anywhere no matter where I go, the terminal, the bathroom, duty free etc. 

The next time I flew alone internationally and I just did the same thing. Felt easier and less scary. 

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Sooooo I remember one time I really wanted to get a manicure but i had no friends or anyone to go with to the salon! ...but i HAD to get my nails done so bad so I mustered up the courage and just went on my own! 

I applied this thinking when I really needed a vacation but everyone was too busy or didnt have the funds to go so I just went alone! It was actually very fun. Obviously you have to be safe and smart. But mostly you will find other travelers who are in the same position as you 😊 

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Don’t work yourself up for nothing. Airport staff can help you with any questions you might have regarding covid, checkinin, baggage, you just have to be there two or three hours early. Grab a book to keep your mind busy and you’re done.