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'Check in early': Ryanair issues warning for passengers travelling this week

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 Taking a Ryanair flight tomorrow? Plan ahead - or you could end up out of pocket. 

The budget airline has issued a warning to passengers planning to travel in the next few days. 

The airline’s website and app will temporarily be down for maintenance for 11 hours between 6pm on 8 November and 5am on 9 November.

It means that passengers won’t be able to check in online during this time.

“Customers who are due to fly during this 11-hour period should check in online before 18.00 on Tuesday 8 Nov,” Ryanair wrote in an update on its website.

Those who don’t could face paying a fee of €55 (€30 for flights to Spain) to check-in in person at the airport.

How far in advance can I check in for my flight?

Normally, the airline encourages customers to check in online. Boarding passes are sent directly to your phone or can be printed off.

You must print your boarding passes if you are travelling to Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon or Israel as these airports don’t accept mobile boarding passes. Kefalonia Airport in Greece also requires paper boarding passes.


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