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🚨 WAR ZONE ALERT! Major Airlines Grounded as Tel Aviv Shuts Down Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict! Find Out Which Flights Are Affected! 😱✈️ #TravelBan #BreakingNews

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🚨 Travel Advisory: Multiple airlines have suspended flights to and from Tel Aviv, Israel's largest international airport, following the formal declaration of war by Israel against Hamas.


In a statement to CNN, American Airlines announced the suspension of flights until Friday. This decision aligns with the "do not fly" order from the president of the Allied Pilots Association, representing 15,000 American Airlines pilots. Ed Sicher emphasized the imprudence of maintaining flights into a declared war zone and urged pilots to reject assignments into Israel. The Federal Aviation Administration also issued a notice, advising air personnel to exercise "extreme caution."


Delta Air Lines is canceling all Tel Aviv flights for the rest of the month but expressed commitment to collaborate with the U.S. government for repatriating citizens. The U.S. Embassy in Israel is closely monitoring the dynamic security situation, noting reductions and suspensions of flights at Ben Gurion International Airport. ✈️🚫

Internationally, various airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, Ryanair, Air India, Lufthansa, and Norwegian Air, have temporarily suspended travel to Israel due to operational restrictions and ongoing security concerns. Korean Air canceled a scheduled flight on Monday but plans a special flight on Tuesday to repatriate Korean nationals. 🌐

Situated less than 40 miles from Gaza, Ben Gurion International Airport, just outside Tel Aviv, is experiencing near-constant rocket fire, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. CNN reports from Jerusalem describe normally bustling tourist spots as eerily quiet. The conflict, now in its third day with over a thousand deaths, is escalating, as Israel's Defense Minister orders a "complete siege" of Gaza. ⚠️🔥

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God bless Israel the homeland. Waiting for it to be safe. Praying soon

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It might not be easy getting a flight now but it’s possible

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Thanks for the post


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