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What are some common items savvy travelers bring with them?

jennifer p
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what are some go-to gadgets or helpful items worth brining? 

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When traveling, don’t forget a small power strip—ideal for sharing a crowded outlet in an airport, and a simple way to keep all devices close by once at a hotel.

 Keep a photograph of your luggage and passport on your smartphone; lose either of them, and you’ll be grateful for the reference.

Pack a scarf- always. 

And since calling Nespresso coffee is an insult to baristas everywhere, the best in-room alternate is the Aeropress, a nifty gizmo that’s portable, light, and makes killer morning joe almost anywhere. (There is a travel shop on this website)

brian r
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every iphone comes with a tab/bar (home screen) for incoming and outgoing flights in the air but you can also google a flight number for updates in case you are running late or in need of emergency or if someone wants to track your arrival. helpful tip 🙂 👍 


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