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How do you deal with travel-related anxiety?

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Right now I’m off my medication with a trip planned for next week. How do you get your mind off things when traveling, especially in the current situation. I’ll have my masks and disinfectant with me to cover this part but I don’t know how to get over the possible turbulence. Any advice?

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I was on a small plane and the turbulence was so bad that I started to panic and get dizzy. There was a paper bag offered in the seat pocket and to my surprise it worked! Its so simple. you just exhale and inhale into the bag and you stop feeling so nauseas. 

I also make sure my itinerary is secured and planned out. The more prepared you are for something, the better you feel! 👍 

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Meditation does the trick in my case along with a good night’s sleep. If I barely slept I would be a stress ball so this is a huge no. 

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I came back for the comments! Got some good tips off here from other users. I actually got anti nausea pills easy from a clinic and it helped as well.

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Good headphones work excellent for me! If I block outside interference and listen/watch  something I’m familiar with I’m way calmer than when I listen to everything and everyone around me. 


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