DONT forget list!
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DONT forget list!

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 🤑 DONT forget toiletries, correct outlet plugs for the country you travel to, making sure your carry ins don’t hold any liquid, passports and IDs with copies you keep in another bag incase lost. 
also buying a SIM card at a corner store in wtvr country you tour will save you data $!

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Also do not forget to take best quality headphonesalong with you while you are travelling by a bus or by an airoplane to make your journey best.

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I make lists upon lists and I still keep forgetting things when I leave on holiday. I am getting better at it though and have recently started putting together separate check lists that I can use when I leave for another city, for another country and so on. These help a lot.

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I use the Samsung notes app to make lists for anything. Each travelling pack list is divided into categories to make things easier. I have IDs, toiletries, devices and accessories, clothes and shoes, health, etc. This simplifies the whole process and saves me time as I don’t have to make the lists every single time I’m going away.