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Tricks On How To Save Big On Vacations/traveling

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Tricks On How To Save Big On Vacations/Traveling   


Traveling doesn’t  have to always be expensive. Being flexible with your travel dates, can help you save a lot on flights, hotels or car rentals. Selecting travel dates that are at least 6 months plus in advance tend to be much cheaper than dates 1-3 months in advance. Most travel sites will also show you cheaper flights and hotels on or around the dates you selected so being open and flexible will help you to save $$.

restaurant in airport terminal

Bringing your own food to the airport is a good way of reducing expenses, we all know that airport food can be VERY over priced!

Traveling to places where your home currency holds more bang for your buck will have you living like a king or queen and feel much more comfortable with your set budget.

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Exchange rates. 

Avoid exchanging currency at your vacation destination because you may lose more $$$ that way. Instead, make sure to change it in your home town by going to your local bank/ cambio you will get a better rate. Keep in mind some banks may need a 3 day notice in advance. 

cruise excursion


Booking all excursions before leaving for your trip will help you to avoid paying premium prices while on vacation. Locals tend to charge tourists higher prices because they know you are more lenient on spending money to have a enjoyable experience.


Long distance phone options such as WhatsApp and Tango are very useful when traveling abroad. Another useful tip for longer stays, would be visiting any local kiosk or mall for a SiM card. the SIM cards at the airports tend to be over priced when you can get a simple basic plan anywhere else.

Best Hotel Website Designs

Accommodations. All inclusive resorts are my preferred way of saving money because it is a package deal that usually includes all your meals and activities in a central location with free shuttle bus assistance to and from the airport. If you prefer to stay at air BNBs, make sure to stack up on snacks and meals at a local super market. People also look into bed and breakfasts for these solutions. Traveling with friends and spitting the cost of the accommodation can help you save a few $$ as well.

packing list for studying in germany 1

Packing light as possible can help save you from accumulating unwanted bags fees at the airport, only pack what you actually will use.

header souvenirs 600x360

Souvenirs. When shopping for souvenirs for loved ones at home, buying at your local shops will always be cheaper than purchasing gifts at resorts or airports so don’t wait until last minute for these 😉


What are some tricks you know on how to save when traveling? Please comment below.

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