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Top 7 Must-See Spots While Visiting Jamaica

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Top 7 Must-See Spots While Visiting Jamaica

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Are you looking for a place to visit? How about visiting a land home to the world’s fastest sprinters, Blue Mountain Coffee, and birthplace to one of the most appreciated music genre-reggae. Jamaica is not only rich in cultural heritage, but it also has some unique, attractive sites that anyone should consider visiting. The following are seven such sites;

Bob Marley Museum


This museum is located in Kingston and is dedicated to Bob Marley, accredited by many to be the father of reggae music. What makes this museum a vibrant destination is because it is located in Bob Marley’s former place of residence. Admission to the Museum costs $25 and 12$ for adults and children, respectively.

Dunn’s River Falls

caribbean jamaica dunns 950x530

One place that attracts the most tourists in Jamaica is Dunn’s, River Falls. Located near Ocho Rios, this site attracts thousands of people every year owing to its cool breeze. The cost of being admitted to the site is USD 20 for a person aged 12 years and above and USD 12 for a person between 3 and 11 years.

Park 3 Boston Bay for j**k chicken

Grilled Jerk Chicken 1 1200x889

For those looking forward to enjoying chicken j**k which is very famous on the Jamaican Island, choosing a site that will serve you just that is a logical move. Park 3 Boston Bay is the most famous place for j**k chicken. The j**k chicken is served hot, and the bay is beautiful enough to allow you to enjoy your meal as you also enjoy your view of nature.

Blue Lagoon

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There is no better place for those looking forward to enjoying their honeymoon and family vacations than the Blue Lagoon. Located in Port Antonio, the site is well decorated by nature, as evidenced by its glistening turquoise blue water surrounded by beautiful lush greenery. The boat ride costs are reasonable, and swimming is free.

Ricks café

Ricks Cafe Negril 1
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Located in Negril, Jamaica, the Rick’s Café diving experience is a phenomenon for those who consider themselves adventurers. The cost starts at USD20, and the experience comes complete with trained security and lifeguards that are always on duty to ensure that guests are always safe.

Seven Mile Beach (Negril Beach)

beach ocean couples walking 1

While finding beaches in most Caribbean countries is easy, finding accessible, family-friendly, and clean ones is sometimes tricky. Seven Mile Beach in Negril is one such beach. Most Jamaicans consider it the shining star of Jamaica. The town of Negril is a small town with friendly people and a relatively low cost of living, so one can be guaranteed of accessing good and price-effective restaurants during the vacation.

Rio Grande

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Considered one of the largest rivers in Jamaica, Rio Grande is located in Portland's parish and was named after the Spanish who occupied Jamaica in the 16th century. The river is used for rafting, making it a destination for lovers of sports and nature. It is a good vacation spot for honeymooners, given the river breeze and the green vegetation on both sides.

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DAAMNNN i love this forum. I been seeing so much good s**t! Jamaica is my next vacation. Im sold!! Dope itinerary 

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My husband is Jamaican and there are plenty of his favorite places that I see on this post lol so I know its good. Will be using this on my trip there with hubby. Thanks!

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The j**k chicken sold it for me 😂😂😂

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I have been to Ricks Cafe before, I got to say the sunset 🌅 was amazing, learned a few words too “bomboclaath” lol. 
My hotel was in Ocho Rios,  that’s on the other said of the island, so it took me like a 1 hour to get there. 


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