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Madagascar's marine life is like a world of its own

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Madagascar is one of the most amazing places in the world especially their coral reef that stretches over 450km along the southwestern coast of Madagascar, making it the fifth-largest coral reef in the world. Running from Andavadoaka in the north to Itampolo in the south, it's the main attraction in the region, with its own changing personality.

The seas around Madagascar host a high diversity of wildlife, including invertebrates. There are extensive coral reefs around the island. Thousands of fish species can be found, including the rare coelacanth. You can see an extraordinary array of colorful reef fish, rays, sea urchins, anemones and octopus. Four species of sea turtle breed on the beaches. For whales, humpback whales breed off the south-western coasts such as at Île Sainte-Marie, Omura's whales notably around Nosy Be, pygmy blue whales on the Madagascar Plateau, and southern right whales slowly increasing along Malagasy coasts.

Madagascar's marine life is like a world of its own. Madagascar offers spectacular diving for all levels of divers. The seas are also full of life not found anywhere else, just like the land. And it doesn't just consist of endemic species. At least 34 types of whales and dolphins, 5 types of turtles, 56 types of sharks, 300 hard corals and 1300 species of bony fish have been found around the Madagascar coast.  

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brian r
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For sure Madagascar's marine life is a major reason to visit. I think they also have just as many land species! This is on me and my partner's list of places to visit. Cool article.

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I like the picture and video in this article lol. 

One of my main vacation goals is snorkeling anywhere i go bc it's my favorite thing to see in other countries. Will def check this out one time 😍 

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