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Where are the best places to travel alone?

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brian r
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Every year, I take a 'self-love vacation' somewhere by myself. What are some good, fun, safe places to visit?

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jennifer p
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Well, I don't recommend Tahiti, where there's an all-but-constant reminder at every juncture that you are alone, a sad friendless figure lurking amid the glowing honeymooners. There are a few places, though, where visiting solo is a bonus, not a burden: notably cruises, yoga retreats, and treks across Europe.

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While terrorism is an ever-present concern, security is high and millions of people safely visit Israel every year, including plenty of solo travelers. Most of them spend at least a few days exploring the holy sites and colorful markets of Jerusalem before moving on to cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, the beach town of Eilat, or the mountain fortress of Masada. You’re sure to meet other travelers along the way, whether you stay in hostels or kibbutzim (farms).


This long, skinny country is one of South America’s safest, boasting incredible landscapes (beaches! Mountains! Glaciers!) as well as delicious wines. Chileans are friendly and welcoming, although they don’t all speak English—so you’ll want to brush up on basic Spanish phrases before you go. Popular spots to visit include the remote Atacama Desert in the north and the sweeping mountain vistas of Patagonia in the south.


Thanks to smiling locals, unforgettable sights, and a well-established backpacker trail, Thailand is incredibly popular with people traveling alone. You can make your solo trip anything you want in Thailand: an urban adventure in Bangkok, a week on the beaches of Koh Samui, a homestay in a northern hill town, a yoga retreat on a remote island—or a mix of all of the above.

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Denmark! Exploring Denmark, which appears frequently on top 10 lists of the world’s happiest and safest countries, is a breeze for solo travelers. Most Danes speak English and are glad to help tourists find their way around; some even welcome travelers into their homes for dinner. History lovers can enjoy Viking ruins and medieval castles, while outdoorsy sorts can join the locals on the thousands of miles of bike paths that crisscross the country.