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Is Hostel Living Safe ?

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A friend of mine is telling that the best way to travel thru Europe for cheap but I don’t think I’m comfortable sleeping  in a room with so much people around, what if a psychopath is there or a crook? A mean I don’t think  I could sleep like that.

what you guys think about this ? 

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I think it’s totally fine and it’s a pretty good way to meet some really nice people but I understand your concern, I don’t know any case where someone got hurt while staying  at a hostel 

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No I don’t that’s a good idea, just pay the extra money and stay at a hotel bro, comfort/ safety is alway better.

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Maybe for men it would be ok 🤷‍♀️ But for woman don’t think it’s safe that’s just my opinion, but with that said I have many girl that did it before but me personally I would try it. 


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