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How Far in Advance Should I Book my vacation?

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brian r
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when are the most advantageous times to book your flights and hotels?

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Truth be told, airfare prices—which fluctuate constantly—are impossible to predict. However, there are a few strategies that will guide you to a good deal and minimize your risk of overpaying.

For domestic travel, you’ll typically find the best fares one to two months before your trip. For international itineraries, you’ll often want to start searching for fares a bit further in advance, especially if your dates are firm or you’re traveling at a busy time of year. Add an extra month or two for peak travel times like holidays or major events. Some destinations, such as Disney World during spring break or popular beach spots in August, require even more advance planning, so do your homework.

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Good question!

To help me figure out when to jump $$ on a fare, I set up airfare alerts through different booking sites (like You can put in your targeted trip dates and itinerary, and you’ll be notified when the fares drop 😊 

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I think another pro to booking early is OPTIONS! yes you save money but you’ also have the pick of the bunch when it comes to what you need from your vacation. That includes flight times, hotels, and even room choice. So if you like to spend time searching for the right location and hotel for you, then you’ve got a head start 🍹 


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