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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

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Is travel Insurance really important or it’s just a waste of money ? 

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To buy or not to buy: That is the question when it comes to travel insurance. It all depends on risk and your tolerance for it. In general, if you’re taking a relatively short trip and haven’t paid a fortune for it, you probably don’t need it. Plus, most airlines—and hotels, for that matter—will give you a refund or allow you to rebook when there’s a widespread storm or incident.

However, if you have put down significant nonrefundable deposits, are traveling at a risky time of year (such as hurricane season), have a potential medical condition, or are traveling to remote places where hospitals are scarce, travel insurance could be a good idea.

If you do opt insurance, make sure you know what’s included in your policy; most are very specific and won’t allow coverage to kick in once a storm is predicted or if you have a preexisting medical condition. You can also buy a policy that will allow you to cancel for any reason, but those usually come with a higher premium.


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If I could put insurance on everything, I would. I lost my luggage flying once and it was a huge ordeal to get it retrieved. I basically only had one outfit for the whole trip and had to spend money shopping.

The weather being unpredictable is true too. Good tip! 


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