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Traveling During COVID-19: The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Trip in 2021

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Traveling During COVID-19: The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Trip in 2021


The world is beginning to adapt to the new normal brought about by COVID-19, and countries are now emerging from quarantine. Individuals have begun resuming international travel but are being urged to consider the pros and cons before doing so.


Here are a few pros and cons of traveling during this pandemic:



  • More affordable prices on plane tickets and hotels.
  • Masks and social distancing policies are enforced by airport and airline staff.
  • A sterile environment.
  • A limited number of passengers on flights due to social distancing protocols can lead to more leg room for extra comfort.



  • You are exposed to people outside of your household.
  • Individuals may take off masks while eating or drinking.
  • Not all hotels are well sanitized.
  • Rules in certain states or countries may not be strictly enforced.
  • Immunocompromised passengers are at greater risk of contracting the virus.
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Before international travel, it is crucial to do everything in your power to protect yourself and your loved ones by constantly sanitizing, maintaining social distancing, and wearing masks.

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Flights and hotels is definitely cheaper!! these days.

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I would definitely agree that prices of hotels and tickets have gone down this pandemic! The downside is risking your health during the travel, I wouldn't recommend it if you are travelling with someone who has fragile health (elderly, asthmatic, infants) as info says that they are they usually get severely affected if they contract the COVID-19 virus. But perhaps if you're healthy and strong and follow strict procedures, the risk may be worth it while everything is cheap! Best to read about the safety measures being done in the airline, hotel and place you are choosing.

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This was an awesome list. Think it pretty much covers everything. I'm like a mom and bring a long travel size things like hand sanitizer, wipes, band aids, advil,deo, toothbrush kit etc you never know when that stuff will come in handy


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