How to Find Last Minute Vacation Deals

How to Find Last Minute Vacation Deals

How to Find Last Minute Vacation Deals

Are you traveling soon but haven’t booked your flights, hotel, or rental car? Are you
starting to panic, worrying if you’ll still be able to find a good deal? Don’t worry! Here’s
all the information you need about how to find last minute vacation deals.
When it comes to last-minute travel, there are great resources out there. It’s just a
matter of knowing where to look. Here are the best websites and apps to seek out deals
when you’re booking only days in advance.
1. Savieno
Savieno’s search engine searches hundreds of other travel sites to ensure you get the
best deal possible. For upcoming travel, you can search for hotels, flights, cars, or tours
and activities. Some top destinations include Hong Kong, Milan, Barcelona, Bali, and
Paris. As international travel returns, Savieno is ready to help you save up to 50% on all
your bookings!
Savieno has also built a community forum with contributors from all over the world. It
has sections on sightseeing, restaurant recommendations, travel hacks, do’s & don’ts,
and so much more. If you’re wondering how to find last minute vacation deals,
sometimes the best answer is your peers! That’s why Savieno encourages all users to
register and add to various topics on their boards.
For more information, you can also check out their blog section to find top travel tips on
all your favorite destinations. For example, their recent blog features the Top 7 Places
to Go in Jamaica.
2. Hotels Tonight
This is both a website and app geared toward last-minute bookings in the city of your
choice. If you’ve pulled the trigger on a last-minute trip and need somewhere to stay,
check to see if you can find somewhere for a reduced rate. Deals go live every single
day at noon, and you’ll have thousands of hotels to choose from.
To no one’s surprise, this website is built around the idea of traveling last-minute. It
offers cheap hotels, flights, and vacation packages to all your favorite destinations like
Las Vegas, Cancun, Hawaii, Miami, Los Angeles, and so many more.
You’ve probably heard of Priceline. If you’ve booked absolutely nothing for an upcoming
trip, then this is a great place to start. It offers flights, hotels, rental cars, and even
cruises at steep discounts as long as you don’t mind not knowing where you’re staying

until you book. Additionally, if you download the app, then you can find app-only deals
and search in their last-minute deals section using the “Tonight Only” feature.
5. Skyscanner
Skyscanner is a great site to search flights in general, but it has one feature that stands
out above the rest. If you get the travel bug during a long week of work, and you’re not
sure where you want to go (you just know you want to go somewhere), then Skyscanner
can help. Head to the website and use their “Everywhere” search feature. It allows you
to put your current location as the “From” location and “Everywhere” as the “To”
location. This way, you’ll be able to see the cheapest cities for you to travel to last-
minute (even internationally!).
6. Skiplagged
Are you searching and searching for a last-minute flight and just can’t seem to find
anything? Try Skiplagged. Their tagline is “Our flights are so cheap, United sued
us…but we won.”
This site exposes loopholes in airfare pricing that airlines don’t want you to see. One of
these primary loopholes is called “hidden city flights.” For instance, if you want to fly
between two big-ticket destinations like New York and Los Angeles, airlines often hike
up that price because they know they’re two appealing destinations. They may put a
$500 price tag on that flight.
However, for a ticket from New York to Sacramento with a layover in Los Angeles, the
flight may only cost $150. An experienced traveler knows that (if you don’t have any
checked luggage), you can take that New York Sacramento flight and skip the leg
between Los Angeles and Sacramento. Voila! A flight that’s $350 cheaper.
Skiplagged finds these flights (along with other last-minute travel deals) for you.
If you love cruises, then you may be itching to get back on a ship after the last 18-month
hiatus. has a “Last-Minute Cruise” section located in the “Cruise Deals”
section that allows you to take advantage of discounted sailings.
Some of these sailings will be on sale anywhere from a week to a month out but are
offered for only a few hundred dollars. That’s quite the steal!
One current offering is a 3-day Mexico-Baja cruise on sale from only $118.
8. Groupon

Have you ever heard people say, “I got a Groupon for that!”? If so, you know that they
got a deal. But where did they get it from? How does it work?
Groupon is a digital coupon provide that helps you save money online and in stores. It
works much like a physical coupon book. By using Groupon, you can get up to 70% off
on all sorts of things. Groupons exist for everything from food to retail products to travel
The site has a “last-minute deals section” that often includes discounted hotel and resort
stays. Current options in the last-minute Groupon include a $42/night hotel by Niagara
Falls, a $59/night hotel in Miami Beach, a $130/night hotel in Key West, a $22/night
hotel in Las Vegas, and a $45/night hotel in Las Vegas.
Those hotel travel deals exist — you just have to know the right place to look!
9. Intrepid Travel
If you’re looking for a “last-minute” tour about 2 months before departure, you can find
discounted tours with Intrepid Travel. This group leads small-group trips across the
globe doing everything from walking and trekking in Machu Picchu to safari tours on the
Serengeti. Head to their site to see what they have available.
Are you dying for a beach vacation? This is an ideal site to search if you already have a
specific location in mind. Cheap Caribbean has short-lived flash sales for beautiful
tropical destinations. Just know that the deals go fast, and you won’t have a lot of time
to decide if it’s the right package for you…someone will book it if you don’t!
Final Thoughts
Before you started reading, you may have wondered how to find last minute vacation
deals. Now you know! Whether you’re planning the night before or a few weeks out,
these 10 sites and apps are here to make sure that travel doesn’t break the bank.

Places To Go In Jamaica

Places To Go In Jamaica

Top 7 Places To Go In Jamaica

Are you looking for a place to visit? How about visiting a land home to the world’s fastest sprinters, Blue Mountain Coffee, and birthplace to one of the most appreciated music genre-reggae. Jamaica is not only rich in cultural heritage, but it also has some unique, attractive sites that anyone should consider visiting. The following are places to go while In Jamaica

 Bob Marley Museum Is One Of The Best Places To Go In Jamaica, If  You Are In To Reggae music.


This museum is located in Kingston and is dedicated to Bob Marley, accredited by many to be the father of reggae music. What makes this museum a vibrant destination is because it is located in Bob Marley’s former place of residence. Admission to the Museum costs $25 and 12$ for adults and children, respectively.

Dunn’s River Falls

caribbean jamaica dunns 950x530

One place that attracts the most tourists in Jamaica is Dunn’s, River Falls. Located near Ocho Rios, this site attracts thousands of people every year owing to its cool breeze. The cost of being admitted to the site is USD 20 for a person aged 12 years and above and USD 12 for a person between 3 and 11 years.

Park 3 Boston Bay for jerk chicken

Grilled Jerk Chicken 1 1200x889

For those looking forward to enjoying chicken j**k which is very famous on the Jamaican Island, choosing a site that will serve you just that is a logical move. Park 3 Boston Bay is the most famous place for j**k chicken. The j**k chicken is served hot, and the bay is beautiful enough to allow you to enjoy your meal as you also enjoy your view of nature.

Blue Lagoon

images 2


images 3

There is no better place for those looking forward to enjoying their honeymoon and family vacations than the Blue Lagoon. Located in Port Antonio, the site is well decorated by nature, as evidenced by its glistening turquoise blue water surrounded by beautiful lush greenery. The boat ride costs are reasonable, and swimming is free.

Ricks café

Ricks Cafe Negril 1


images 5

Located in Negril, Jamaica, the Rick’s Café diving experience is a phenomenon for those who consider themselves adventurers. The cost starts at USD20, and the experience comes complete with trained security and lifeguards that are always on duty to ensure that guests are always safe.

Seven Mile Beach (Negril Beach)

beach ocean couples walking 1

While finding beaches in most Caribbean countries is easy, finding accessible, family-friendly, and clean ones is sometimes tricky. Seven Mile Beach in Negril is one such beach. Most Jamaicans consider it the shining star of Jamaica. The town of Negril is a small town with friendly people and a relatively low cost of living, so one can be guaranteed of accessing good and price-effective restaurants during the vacation.

Rio Grande 

tumblr mx9fosbwnG1rqgjz2o1 1280

Considered one of the largest rivers in Jamaica, Rio Grande is located in Portland’s parish and was named after the Spanish who occupied Jamaica in the 16th century. The river is used for rafting, making it a destination for lovers of sports and nature. It is a good vacation spot for honeymooners, given the river breeze and the green vegetation on both sides.